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 Some Frequent Asked Questions and their answers:

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PostSubject: Some Frequent Asked Questions and their answers:   Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:36 pm

Q: Is Max99 has Admin System?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Is Max99 Compatible with all Java Enabled Phones?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Does Admins has Powers?
Ans: Yes, they can ban, unban, kick.

Q: Does Max99 is Copy Of Mig33?
Ans: No, Not At all.

Q: Does Chat room are Availabe?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Does User can Create Chat Rooms?
Ans: Yes.

Q: How Can we Register New Id On Max99?
Ans: You Can Register New Id By Using Max99 Registration Form available in Max99 Mobile App.

Q: What Are the Maximum Room User Limit?
Ans: 30 Users can Chat in One Room.

Q: Does User can Kick to another user?
Ans : Yes , A user starts kick and other users can vote.

Q: How Many Votes are Needed To Kick Out A User?
Ans: 9 Votes are Needed.

Q: Does User can use the E mail Feature?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Does User can Use Voice message and Offline Message?
Ans: Yes.

Q: What is Merchant Program?
Ans: Merchant is Our Partner for Selling Points.

Q: Do i need a active mobile number to activate my User Id?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Can i Register more than One id?
Ans: No, Registration of More Than one Id is Illegal.

Q: Does Private Chat is Availabe?
Ans: Yes.

Q: What are the Gaming Rooms?
Ans: The Chat Rooms, Created Specially for Multi Player Gaming.

Q: Does the Max99 Availabe 24/7?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Can i add unlimited Contacts?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Are You Selecting New Admins / Moderators?
Ans: No, Not Yet.

Q: When Selection Will Start?
Ans: After Official Launch of Max99.

Q: Who Is the Founder or Max99?
Ans: The Whole Staff is Founder.

Q: Where did You get Idea for Making Max99?
Ans: From Different Sources, Many IM Clients are available in the market.

Q: Does Max99 Supports Smilies / Emotions?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Will Latest Versions Availabe in Future?
Ans: Yes.

Q: What About Multi Kicking?
Ans: Multi Kicking is Illegal and will not be tolerated.

Q: What About Flooding?
Ans: Flooding is Illegal and will not be tolerated.

Q: Can i become Max99 Merchant Partner?
Ans: Yes.

Q: How much i charged for single kick?
Ans: 1 Max99 Point.

Q: When The Official Version will Launch?
Ans: Not Decided yet, But soon.

Q: How Can I Become Max99 Merchant Partner?
Ans: We Will Post The Procedure on how to become Merchant Partner After Max99 Official Launch.
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Some Frequent Asked Questions and their answers:

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