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 Rules and Regulations Of Forum

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations Of Forum   Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:42 pm

Please Read Carefully Before start using Forum and also Obey The Rules.

Broadcasting :
Advertisement, spamming, adult content and link of third party forums will not be tolerated, even by PM.
Direct Link, Hidden Links of any other forum will be edit without any notification.

Posting :

  • Always Use English Language, topic / reply make in other language will be deleted.
  • Comparison of Other Instant Messenger are strictly not allowed in this board.
  • Don't flood & spam through posts.
  • Only one log in account is allowed for each member, don't create multiple.
  • Don't repeat your post or reply your own post to bump it.
  • Don't Abuse, Use of Bad Language Is Restricted.
  • Offensive comments, insulting posts, personal attacks, nation/religion violation are not tolerated.
  • Use common sense don't post odd comments e,g Hmmm, Great, Nice, Help me, Thanks, Huh and yes/no. We are liable to delete such post with no advance warning.
  • In case of posting Adult Material ( Porn PIc's ) You will be ban from this board.
  • Use THANKS button instead of posting thank-you, Hence we will delete the Post regarding THANKS. ( New Rule from now )
  • You are allowed to discuss about other IM unless, it will not contain any insulting or violations. ( New Rule from now )

Avatars & Signatures :
Members can customize their avatar & signature in profile.

  • Avatars resolution must not exceed 125x125 pixels (width x height)
    Size limit for avatar 100 KB
  • Signatures resolution must not exceed 600x200 pixels (width x height)
    Size limit for signature 300 KB

Do not use avatars & signatures for advertisement.

Some Common Rules are of following :

  • Use the [b]Search button for previous posts before requesting or posting something & always post in right section with proper title in English.
  • In case of violating the rules; Management reserve the right to ban & delete users & posts if board think that is the right thing to do.
  • You can give suggestions, new ideas, not the orders.
  • If you have problem with some other user or for any question contact with MAX99 management by PM.
  • Please try to get your spellings right. Don't use slang, its a forum not a chat room.
  • Many people use search engines to search for information. If you type wrong spelling they will not be able to find your post.
  • For quick responses to your queries, please coin the topic of your post properly. "HELLLPPPP MEEEE" or "S.O.S." or "in trouble" or "how to" just doesn't get the right attention. In fact in most cases it prevents people from even visiting the thread.
  • If any old member breaks a rule, NO leniency will be shown. Older members are expected to act as role models for new comers, and hence expected to follow all forum rules.
  • Don't post a link to your site, link to your business, contact information. Don't use the forums to promote your own websites. Links to similar websites are not allowed in the signature. These rules also apply to the in boxes of our forum members.

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Rules and Regulations Of Forum

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