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 Discuss - 2nd Admins & their Selection

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PostSubject: Discuss - 2nd Admins & their Selection   Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:27 pm


I would like to start a discussion topic of our second admin selection process, as i have seen many users are curious about it. At this time, administrator candidates will undergo an extremely rigorous process of checking, questioning & interrogation. Can this system really be called fair?

You may discuss further, how can we help you to appoint trusted moderators for max99 chat rooms. Apparently i can't refuse our old suggestion which had been shared by maxer's

The Clauses to be admin are mentioned below, do you think we have to add anymore clause for our candidates?
<BLOCKQUOTE class=uncited>
What is necessary for Admin Candidate ?

  • Applicant must be a valid authenticated max99 user.
  • Applicant must be a regular max99 user.
  • To qualify for a Admin Selection, applicant must be well aware of English and his/her country language
  • The candidate must be at least a month old max99 User and must be fully aware of Max99 and it's rules and services. ( New buddies also can be candidate )
  • The Chat log of applicant must be clean with no Vulgar activities.
  • Max99 points and official forum activities of the applicants will be plus point for candidates however a candidate can apply and qualify with no max99 points & official forum activities.

How to Apply for Admin-ship ?

  • Users may apply from Application form in our Wap site:

    Code: Select all
  • Only English language will entertain in Applicant Form.
  • A candidate can submit their details only once. (Please don't flood the form)
  • The applications from our Applicant form will be consider only, however it's useless to submit your application somewhere else.

What Application Form includes ?

  • The Description of Candidates include.
    1. Full Name
    2. Location
    3. Occupation
    4. Age
    5. Sex
    6. E-mail Address
    7. Fluent Languages and further information.
  • The reason on what bases you want to be max99 admin.

Please Note:
Admin applications have been closed for now, however we will announce our second selection date very shortly.
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Discuss - 2nd Admins & their Selection

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