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 Max99 owner Aftab Says

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PostSubject: Max99 owner Aftab Says   Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:53 pm

[b]Two years back, when I was in second year of my BSc engineering one of my friend told me about mig33. Luckily I was free those days due to my summer vacations. That time I had Nokia 1600 that doesnaE?t support java applications and gprs. I borrowed mobile from my younger brother and installed mig33. Since that day I hardly missed a single day without chatting. Mig33 is so much attractive and addictive that I tried many times to get rid of it but I could not (later I had to give up mig33 due to lot of work). It might be surprising for you that I have never chatted on any other messengeraE?s even yahoo or MSN. Interesting thing for me in mig33 was its kicking feature. Those daysaE? people used Sj boy for kicking. I too started kicking with Sj boy but I was not a fast kicker until I came to know mouse recorder.
There was a well known website related mig33, which I use to visit often for mig33 tricks suddenly one day I had got migpro. I think I was first who started kicking with migpro. I used migpro & mouse recorder combination and it was so successful that I could easily enter my multi set in full rooms.
Migpro came with complete assembly language code but that time I didnaE?t know assembly language. One day I found the blog of migpro creator ... ation.html. I was surprised to see he mentioned how he created migpro by capturing packets. That was the time when I decided to make something like migpro but I didnaE?t know any computer language except little c . I started to learn visual basic. Visual basic is so much easy and google is so much helpful that after 15 days of reading migpro blog. I could successfully created visual basic client that could successfully login to mig33. Apparently, I had created room Auto welcome softwareaE?s, kicking tools, Auto leave soft and much more. Later, I created many mig33 related softwareaE?s with numerous features, I found many tricks, many bugs, many hidden mig33 commands such display change, errors & room invisible entry etc.
Within couple of months, I had created everything that I could create with visual basic then I decided to make java mig33 client for mobile phones. It was quiet difficult for me to move from easy environment of visual basic to java. Visual basic provides you everything ready-made but in other languages. You have to work hardly. It is difficult and time consuming to make graphical user interface in j2me. It took few days to create my aEshello worldaEt program in java then I started and within 5 weeks I could successfully created mig33 client in j2me. This was a simple mig33 client with very ugly look but auto leave feature. I could improve it but some php tools by h4v0c, a mig33 programmer, forced me to learn php.
Before knowing the power of php language, I owed a wrong concept regarding it. I thought every web language is just for designing. I look to hate php , html and other web related languages. But when I explore and knew the wonders of php language, I was shocked. It was surprising for me, how php scripts work on server we just need to execute a command (by opening a web page or by clicking a link) and script (program) can run for infinite time even we close web page.
PHP language is similar with C language and it was too easy to create mig33 login via php. php accelerated my programming skills and I converted my all mig33 stuff which was on VB to php and published my most of the programs for public at my site There was a great collection of softwareaE?s for mig33 lovers at my site for example people could use roll kick, credit transfer (1 click to transfer credit in all multi ids), online admin finder, room admin detector, invisible buddy finder, easy id creator, apart from these useful scripts there were couple of scripts let you annoy your enemies. As all these tools were php based so users could enjoy everything on their mobiles. Unfortunately some people used some of the tools so badly that mig33 had to block my site IP at their server. It was fair decision by mig33. If I were at the place of mig33 team perhaps I would do the same. So I didnaE?t protest and bought another site and put only useful tools there. I was shocked when mig33 again blocked my site IP although there was not any anoying script. The time mig33 blocked my IP again I decided to make something similar to mig33. At that time many people laughed at me but I knew I could do what I decide. So I started and some friends promised for financial help. But it was too difficult to find a starting point, I found nothing useful for a month. One day my friend Zaka introduced me with his friend Awais. The meeting we had brings a successful ray and we decided to start work with new spirit.
Although environment was same, there was no starting target, but encouragement from Awais and Zaka keep me working on the project. I found number of php server scripts by googling but I had no idea how to run it on server (although it is too easy but difficult for a guy who had no guidance and programming background of few months). I kept searching and at last I could successfully created and launched my first php server script. That was what I needed to. Within few days I created a small visual basic client that could connect to php server. On one side there were my exams on other hand I was working 24/7 for messenger. (Later my class fallows were shocked when I, topper in my class, got only 64% marks while it was 83%, 89%, 92% and 83% in previous 4 terms). I am unit directional, I always put all my efforts to only one object at a time I donaE?t care I get success or not but I do all my best to achieve my target.
Those days I used to run php server script on my site and I improved visual basic client and php server. Due to limitation by hosting provider server script could not run more than 10 minutes, and then I needed to run it again. It took few more months to make a small j2me client for mobile phones on the other hand I was improving php server script. I continued to improve mobile client and php server on the other hand Zaka collected feedbacks and Awais took responsibility of building website/wapsite/forum. Later Dani joined us and he is handling max99 forum nicely. We requested our friends to suggest name for a new mobile messenger a mig user aEsjoy-ceaEt suggested name max99, we chose it for our messenger.
In the beginning of April of this year max99 got a rough shape of mobile messenger. Users joined max99 forum, encouraged us, gave us precious feed backs and me and max99 team continued our work to make max99 better and bug free. On one side I was working on max99 on the other hand I was facing many non-familiar problems. Let me tell you I belong to a middle class, and my country under energy crisis from the previous 2 years and now a days there is daily 5 to 10 hour load shadingaE|. mean no electricity. Apparently in the development stage of max99 I didnaE?t even had a laptop (now I have one). What if the one want to work but electricity disturbs you each and every hour? I worked alone in such circumstances since the beginning of max99 some times I donaE?t find a single hour in a day to rest. It will be unfair if I donaE?t mention those who trusted me and invested their money & skills (although they have not seen me yet) for max99 when max99 was just an idea. The encouragement for them made it possible for me to work smoothly and complete max99. I would like to deeply thank my friends Abdul Habibo, Assif Ismail, Nique and minaz. There are some mates who ask me how much you have invested in max99. It is a kind of private question but I can answer. Development took zero 0 USD aE|surprised? Yes it is true Development of max99 took nothing but there is some cost to run it, max99 running since April and now is November, roughly I can say it took not more than 1200 USD in past 8 months. My only purpose to mention such things is to encourage and motivate creative minds, in most of the cases money is not a problem, you just need will power and cooperative people like my friends
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Max99 owner Aftab Says

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