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 Max99 owner Aftab Says Max99 in present and in future

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PostSubject: Max99 owner Aftab Says Max99 in present and in future   Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:56 pm

Currently (in November 2009) there are more than 20000 authenticated users at max99 although we have not started advertisement. This number is more than what we were expecting as max99 is still in development stage. I can proudly say max99, Chat rooms are peaceful, and our users are responsible. By user feedback we are enhancing max99 and itaE?s service day by day. There are many unique and attractive features, which have been suggested by our users. Our team is working to make max99 perfect, reliable and bug free hopefully v2.05 will be the version, which we have in our targets and expectation. Let us finalize this v2.05, after that we can assure you will advertise max99 world wide as much as we can do. In starting, finance was a major problem which my friends and me was facing to start this project but at this moment. There are many who are agreed and want to invest in max99. We will be able to established proper setup very soon. This is the time from where I can see the bright future of max99.
I like to reveal everything here (even my week points) without hiding any fact and skipping any truth, as it is my duty and your right to know the exact history how max99 evolved, I admit if there was no mig33 there would be no migpro and there would be no max99 either. I love to see when people (mostly Indonesian) make tools for max99. We donaE?t ban any tool or a trick unless it wont annoy or harm our users (soon we will publish max99 protocol so that 3rd parties can make their own max99 clients) There are couple of trouble makers too at max99, however I donaE?t blame themaE|the fact is that trouble makers just exploit the bugs, it is our responsibility to fix such bugs and security holes instead of banning ID(s) or IP(s).
Very soon I will share all my programming experience on the platform of max99 by some tutorials, courses or blogs. It may helpful for those who are interested in programming. I promise, I will try my level best to make max99 a unique messenger that will offer chatting but learning at one place also.
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Max99 owner Aftab Says Max99 in present and in future

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